Latavia's creative insights as a writer, director, producer, and development consultant enables her to think like a founder and expand on the visions of other creatives via business and brand strategy, social media development and management, and consulting.
Director: Latavia Young
Peeling is a short film about 10-year-old Kendra who, leading up to the turn of her adolescence, examines the eccentricities of the adults in her life.
Created a 360 digital plan and all assets to promote the fundraiser across social media platforms and formats including Kickstarter, email newsletter, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.
Producer: Latavia Young
Director: Natalie Jasmine Harris
Grace is a short film about sixteen-year-old Grace as she prepares for her baptism in the rural 1950s South. When she learns she must repent before the ritual, she begins to question the budding romantic feelings she has toward her best friend, Louise. 
Worked with director to develop a hub of visual and tonal comps and created a content calendar to support promotion of the Kickstarter fundraiser on Instagram. Ran the Instagram account from July 2022 - August 2022 with the goal of raising $20K. Created a series of viral TikTok's on my personal account in support of the fundraiser.
Creative Director: Latavia Young
Founder: Ellie Bartlett, Produce Section
Produce Section is a vintage curator and collection motivated by our responsibility to sustainably shape the future of fashion and home goods by learning from culturally significant wares of the past. Intertwined with our passions for food equity, we are guided by our respect for function, quality, history, storytelling and the essentiality of community.
Worked with founder to develop business plan, branding guide, and establish social media (Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn) accounts, voice, and presence. Consulted on larger business goals, services, and diversified from consumer focus to service-based. Ran the social media account from January 2024 - June 2024.
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