Writer, Director, and Producer: Latavia Young
Producers: Remi Alfallah, Latavia Young
Director of Photography: Diana Matos
Leading up to the turn of her adolescence, Kendra examines the eccentricities of the adults in her life.

January 2020 - June 2024: Development & Writing
June 2024 - July 2024: Fundraising (pre-launch link)
July 2024 - September 2024: Pre-Production
September 2024: Production
October 2024 - December 2024: Post-Production
January 2025+: Distribution
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Family Portrait Magazine x Camille Summers-Vall

This slice-of-life story explores the complexities of childhood through Kendra's eyes as she develops a burgeoning awareness of her own vulnerability. 
Unfolding through a series of vignettes, the narrative reveals a fragment of Kendra's adolescence; reminiscent of the flow of dreams and memories.
Precocious but withdrawn, Kendra navigates a chaotic world. We see morsels of her life through glimpses: a car ride with her estranged father, inappropriate and humiliating interactions with men, and a tense birthday party with her overwhelmed mother.
However, the film does not dwell solely on hardship. Despite the trials, Kendra finds solace in stolen moments with Maria and a determination to challenge her reality by vocalizing her truth. The film ends with a poignant exchange between Kendra and Maria atop a mango tree, suggesting Kendra and Maria’s understanding of the world they inhabit and hinting at a glimmer of hope and resilience.

Still from "Nanny" by Nikyatu Jusu

Inspired by my own experiences, the film goes beyond a singular narrative and uniquely shines a light on the systemic issues that contribute to these vulnerabilities; including domestic violence, class disparities, and a lack of accountability for perpetrators arguing that these issues are often rooted in economic disadvantages. 
Kendra's story, however, is a poignant reminder of a child's resilience in the face of hardship. Despite her circumstances she finds solace and a sense of safety in her arcane friendship with her best friend and neighbor MARIA (10). While the film does not explicitly focus on LGBTQIA+ themes, the portrayal of Kendra and Maria’s friendship subtly challenges societal anxieties about childhood sexuality which tends to overshadow more critical issues children in low-income and unstable environments face. ​​​​​​​

Photo by Nicholas Smalls

Set in Liberty City, Miami, the film also showcases a version of the lifestyle of unfettered kids and the ways we find joy; taking heed from films like MOONLIGHT and WE THE ANIMALS which solely focus on boyhood. “Peeling” contributes a perspective on girlhood and emphasizes the importance of fostering open communication with children about their bodies and boundaries.
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